• Cabinet: Molded proprietary polymers. Completely inert, non resonant. Permits all energy to be directed into the listening environment.(ESL)*
  • Color: Medium granite gray, highly polished.
  • Woofer: 8.75" Kevlar cone, treated foam surround. 3" voice coil, precision spider, cast magnesium frame.
  • Tweeter: 1" ceramic concave dome. Very quick, very smooth. The very best available. Cast square frame.
  • Crossover: True fourth order series electrical yielding 7th and 10th order mechanical roll offs at 1800hz.
  • Frequency response: 29-20,000 hz + - 3 db.
  • Sensitivity: True 90dB 1Watt/1 Meter. Zero insertion loss and very low series resistance yielding much higher system sensitivity.
  • Power handling: 1 watt - 200 watts. Operates comfortably on 300B single ended amps or very high quality solid state amps of any power rating.

Proklaim II

The Past

Enclosures often contribute more colorations than any other element of the loudspeaker system, and as such constitute a prime limitation in ultimate loudspeaker performance. Thus in our quest for enhanced system performance, we deemed radical improvements over conventional box designs to be imperative. Enclosures adversely affect the sound of the loudspeaker system in three principle ways. They resonate structurally in response to the movements of the drivers mounted upon them, they return energy reflected from their own interior surfaces back through the driver, and they diffract the frontal radiation of the drivers. All three failings result in measurable phase and amplitude anomalies and audible colorations.
The first failing is unquestionably the hardest to address with effective countermeasures, and it is scarcely addressed at all by most manufactures; and little wonder, as the problem is practically inherent in the construction techniques used by well over ninety-five percent of the loudspeaker industry, including most manufacturers within the perfectionist wing.

The Present

Most loudspeaker cabinets are made of veneered or lacquered fiberboard composite, a wood product consisting of sawdust and glue. Compared to solid wood panels, fiberboard is fairly inert acoustically, but it is far from perfect, and in standard panel dimensions, fiberboard tends to resonate very strongly square in the midrange where it lends the familiar "boxy" or "packaged" sound to music reproduction. Standard practice among high end designers is to use thicker panels and add cross-bracing and damping applications, but at best these tactics reduce only slightly the magnitude of the resonance, unless the box is made unacceptably heavy. The real solution is better materials technology.

The Future

Come the Proklaim II where we fashion the cabinet from multiple layers of molded polymer that itself is loaded with damping fillers. This substance is virtually dead acoustically across the entire audio spectrum and the manner in which it is formed in the mold provides further enhancements in resonance suppression. We further enhance the performance of the enclosure by combining this nearly ideal material with a close to optimal cabinet shape comprised of conic sections that betray no panel flexure whatsoever. The resulting cabinet is not inexpensive, but its performance is the best in the industry.  

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  • Dimensions: Truncated cone, 23"H, 10"W (at top) 12"W (at bottom) 8"D (at top) 13"D at bottom.
  • Weight: 88lbs.
  • Warranty: 6 years conditional, exclusive of any abuse, physical, mechanical or electrical.

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